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Genre: Fist fuck, bondage, submissive, milf, extreme, gang bang, anal fist, anal, loose, climax, blond

Video Description: This thrilling gang bang scene features a beautiful new model 'Jennifer', having both her insatiable holes fisted, fucked and violated by multiple men, as she sucks their cocks and rims their asses! Jennifer is a stunningly hot blond MILF, with a super model physique, large silicone breasts and loose holes she loves having stretched to their anatomical limits! See her laid back on a bondage bench with her legs braced apart in stirrups, surrendering her submissive body to the gang of men to have their wicked way with her. They surround the bench jerking their cocks, as she shows them what an extreme fisting whore she is, having her ass fisted wrist deep and extremely hard, whilst masturbating her clit! This ravenous nympho just cannot get enough, and loves every moment of her anal destruction, making her so horny she needs to suck a few random dicks and rim multiple assholes, whilst she continues being anal fisted into a frantic climax! Her first orgasms complete but this insatiable gang bang whore still needs to have her cunt ruined too, so they continue fisting her pussy next, as she screams in ecstasy and enjoys several more explosive orgasms!

Genre: Queen, milf, extreme, gang bang, anal fist, double fist, anal, loose, blond

Video Description: We have a thrilling debut movie starring this stunning, blond, gang bang queen 'Katherine' having her greedy holes double fisted, fucked and filled with cum by multiple masked men, at a real life swingers party! This ravenous babe just cannot get enough destruction of her holes from any man she can, and enjoys attending gang bangs regularly to satisfy her extreme needs. She doesn't know any of these men, they are complete strangers to her and that turns her on even more, being humiliated as a fisted fuck doll and cum dump for anyone to use! Enjoy watching Katherine riding a huge raging dick in her pussy, sucking multiple cocks waiting beside her mouth, as another man inserts his fist completely wrist deep inside her ass. She's in orgasmic bliss with a cock and fist filling every orifice in her body and fucking her senseless! Listen to her groaning in ecstasy, as she explodes in several intense orgasms. The men continue fucking her loose ass and cunt, jerking off over her mouth, face and inside every hole, filling her with sperm and satisfying Katherines most perverse fantasies!

Genre: Orgasm, cervix, amateur, gang bang, loose, bucket, climax

Video Description: We have a thrilling debut scene starring an insatiable new amateur slut 'Anastasia', having her loose cunt fisted, fucked and creampied during a real life gang bang party! She's a stunningly hot babe with a sexy, curvy physique and insatiable pussy she loves having stretched to her limits. She frequently attends gang bang parties for random men to fill and stretch her snatch with the three vital things she needs for her satisfaction, fists, cocks and cum! See her filmed at this gang bang scene, laying on a sex swing, as a random, masked stranger shoves his entire fist in her cunt, filling her to her limits. The stretching sensations send instant orgasmic shockwaves throughout her body, as he twists and punches his knuckles against her G-spot and cervix. Anastasia screams in ecstasy, as she reaches the peak of her climax, then lays down on her back, waiting for the next masked man to fuck her bucket sized cunt. He penetrates her with hard thrusts, blasting his raging dick balls deep in her queefing snatch, as she frantically masturbates her clit and enjoys another intense orgasm. Her eyes roll back into her head as he continues fucking her without stopping and fires his dick snot directly inside her, draining his nuts entirely of his heavy load, then pulls out to show his cream pie oozing from her throbbing, wrecked hole, which she continues masturbating with his sperm!

Genre: Queen, gaping, fist fuck, wife, cervix, amateur, foot, gang bang, loose, bucket, climax

Video Description: The insatiable, French, gang bang 'Queen Eva' stars in this thrilling update, having her loose cunt fisted and foot fucked till it's a cavernous, gaping bucket, by two random, masked men selected by her husband while he films the action! This mesmerising lady has been a popular performer for a very long time! She's a real life amateur wife that transforms into the most perverse, gang bang fisting slut that loves having her pussy stretched to insane levels, by complete strangers. Her husband delights seeing his ravenous wife's cunt dilated by many men during their perverse events he organises, which is all about Eva's hole and how many times she can enjoy the most explosive orgasms! This recent scene begins with Eva laid back on an armchair, as two anonymous, masked men alternate stretching out her cunt to excess! See her frantically masturbate her clit with a vibrating 'Magic Wand' massager, whilst having her hole foot fucked completely to the ankle by one man! She screams in ecstasy, as he kicks his foot in and out of her slobbering, wet snatch, making her erupt in a mind blowing climax! Both men then spread out her pussy towards the camera with four hands, showing us how enormous her hole really is, while her cervix and vaginal walls bulge and hang out like swollen fuck meat! They continue to alternate fisting her snatch with hard twisting thrusts, making Eva scream and shudder with countless more body shattering orgasms, till her holes drooling with orgasmic juices and she succumbs to exhaustion like a fist fucked rag doll!
Alicia - GGG - Alicia im Sperma Wunderland [HD 720p]

Genre: Fist fuck, wife, mature, milf, amateur, gang bang, loose, climax, brunette

Genre: Queen, gape, fist fuck, speculum, wife, cervix, amateur, foot, gang bang, double fist, bucket, outrageous, climax

Video Description: The insatiable, French, gang bang 'Queen Eva' returns in this outrageous update, having her cavernous, bucket cunt double fist and foot fucked by two masked strangers, as her husband films the action! This real life amateur wife has thrilled us for many years with her enormous hole, constantly stretched out to it's limits by countless, random men selected by her husband. They are completely anonymous, and always amazed at how huge Eva's pussy really is! The fact that she doesn't know anything about their identities, or cannot even see their faces, only heightens her pleasure even more, being used as a double fist fucking whore by total strangers! Enjoy watching as Eva bends over with her giant hole facing the camera, and two men either side, stretching her out with all four of their hands. They begin fisting her one at a time, making her groan in ecstasy, then slide in another fist alongside, stretching her out with one each! Her snatch is spread to tearing point and she soon erupts in an incredible, mind blowing climax! They remove their fists and spread out her humongous gape, showing us her cervix still throbbing from the inside. An XL speculum also dilates her pussy even wider, then one of the men inserts his bare foot, completely to the ankle, rotating it around inside her and kicking at her hole, as the other man masturbates her clit, till she succumbs to another explosive climax!

Genre: Cervix, extreme, amateur, gang bang, punch, loose, brutal, climax

Video Description: This intense gang bang scene stars a new amateur model 'April', having her loose cunt fisted and fucked by multiple old men, at her local swingers club! April is an attractive, nymphomaniac that loves being used as worthless fuck meat by random strangers. The more the merrier! She often visits her local swingers club where she's hung in a sex swing, with her insatiable snatch surrendered in mid air for any visitor to use and vi0late! The room is filled with a lot of men, from middle age onwards, all with raging hard dicks wanting to deflower this beautiful, young sluts hole. They each take turns slamming her snatch with their dicks completely to the balls, making April drip in sweat, as her pussy's fucked completely bareback and raw! After countless cocks have filled her snatch with their creampies, she's still desperate for more extreme penetration. One man decides to give this gang bang slut exactly what she still craves! A brutal hard fisting to really blow out her hole! He twists and thrusts his balled up hand entirely wrist deep, making April scream in euphoria, as she's really stretched out to her limits! He continues punch fucking her twat, slamming his knuckles against her G-spot and cervix, till she erupts in her most intense climax, then continues being used as the clubs cock carousel for the evening!
Jenny - La tentation du hard pour Jenny, 45ans [SD 480p]

Genre: Queen, gape, fist fuck, wife, butt plug, cervix, amateur, gang bang, double fist, loose, climax

Video Description: The insatiable, French gang bang 'Queen Eva' returns in a thrilling update, having her cavernous, loose cunt double fist fucked by two masked men, while her husband films the action! Eva's an attractive, real life amateur wife that loves having her pussy stretched to excess by random strangers selected by her husband on a frequent basis! He loves describing how loose his wifes hole is and offers her to anyone who wants to experience a true size queens insatiable pussy, and be amazed at her ferocious fist fucking appetite! This scene begins with Eva laid back on a massage table, with a XXXL hollow ended 'Pig Hole' butt plug wedged inside her pussy to prepare her for the intense, double fisting onslaught she's about to receive. Two anonymous men approach her either side, lubricate their fists and insert them both together in her slack hole. The ravenous whore is being double fisted by two men simultaneously, stretching out her pussy to its anatomical limits and penetrating her with hard, twisting thrusts. She screams in ecstasy, as she reaches multiple, intense orgasms, then they spread her enormous hole apart with both hands, showing us her huge gape right through to her cervix, still throbbing from her explosive climax!
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