Mina - Red Heels and Armbinder [FullHD, 1080p]
Mistress Kiana - Electro Punishment [HD, 720p]
Clips4sale.com - GLAMYANYA - AT MY COMMAND! [FullHD 1080]

DaoFile.com | 450 MB

Video Description: You crave to be my slave ? Kneel down and please Me. From the tip of my shoes, to the tip of my toes, to the tip of my cigar and whatever between them I want. Your horny cock is Mine ! You are defeated !
Clips4sale.com - GODDESS NINA - SISSY EXPOSED [FullHD 1080]

DaoFile.com | 1008 MB

Video Description: "I would like to see the following scenario: A slave is seen secretly sneaking through his mistress' closet. We see him try on a couple of lingerie sets, and some outfits including heels. The slave is caught by the mistress. As a punishment, the slave is coerced to walk around with his skirt lifted and panties dropped to the ankles while mistress humiliates him."
Lady Fyre, Nadya Nabakova - Stepmother Hires Sex Therapist [HD, 720p]

DaoFile.com | 250 MB

Video Description: Il mio schiavo ha delle palle molto piccole, oltre ad un cazzetto di 4 cm (misurato nel video), quindi decido di torturargliele nella speranza si gonfino un po'.. Inizio con l'infilare nelle palle le mie unghie affilate, facendolo urlare, per poi schiacciarle con gli stivali, legarle, tirarle e trascinarlo per i coglioni.. Gliene combino di tutti i colori e nel finale me la prendo anche con il cazzetto, frustandolo per bene!

My slave has very small balls and a very small penis (4 cm), so I want to toOrture them in order to make them swallow. I start by squeezing and put my long nails inside the balls, making him yell, then I crush them with my boots, I tie them, pull them and much more. I do a lot of things with those small balls and I hurt his cock too!

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Video Description: I'm a master of the multitask, using my melifluous guttertalk to get a pantyhose addict hard during a phone call--while using my pantyhosed toed, soles and gusset to cocktease my client into a weeping, leaking mess. Doubly denied -- double the begging -- do I give in, let either of them have that pantyhose climax?
Maybe.... :)
Eva Notty - Mother Son Connection [FullHD, 1080p]
Shona River - K cum into my mouth 4 - Part B [FullHD, 1080p]
Shona River - K cum into my mouth 4 - Part A [FullHD, 1080p]
Mina - Single Rope Hogtie [FullHD, 1080p]
Clips4sale.com - CARMELA - YOUR FETISH DILEMMA [FullHD 1080]

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Video Description: You dream of a hot girl who dresses in hot outfits dont you. Any women you date or merry would never dress like that, they would say I dont want to look like a slut but thats what turns you on. You need it and the only way to find it is by looking for fetish clips. Regular porn doesnt even do it for you. They are always taking their clothing off you get off BY the clothing so where does that leave you? To me it seems. I know what you like and I also know you will pay any price to get it even if it is a dumb video. So watch this clip because it's just soooo much more fun when I walk you through shopping online for me and then telling you that you might get an orgasm after you hit the last mouse click.
Clips4sale.com - NAOMI SWANN - TEENAGE ASSASSIN! [FullHD 1080]

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Mina - Tight Belt and Armbinder Hogtie [FullHD, 1080p]
Mina - Minas Sleepsack Nap [FullHD, 1080p]
Mina - Schoolgirl Uniform Doxy Fun [FullHD, 1080p]
Lady Fyre, Dee Williams - Mom Made Me Impregnate Aunt Dee [FullHD, 1080p]
Clips4sale.com - ADRIANA - SEX SCANDAL SABOTAGE [FullHD 1080]

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Video Description: Hey, bet you're wondering why one of your students is setting at you deck in your office well it because I'm in charge now. I'm in charge of your life I have enough dirt on you to ruin your job here at the university, your marriage, your reputation in this small collage town, I can destroy you. I know you have a thing for me and your sexual advances have all been documented very clearly. So pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you it may save your pathetic life.
Clips4sale.com - Sophie - CHICKS-VS-BALLS: "KICK THE SEXUAL DEVIANT" [HD 720]

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Video Description: Sophies been getting a lot of complaints about a fat loser whos been a bit of sexual deviant so his been requested to see a counsellor to overcome his perverted ways. The stupid fucker thinks his about to talk about his issues and hopefully leave a new man. Little does he know his about to leave less of a man. Sophie has a very peculiar way of dealing with sexual deviants, she likes to get straight to the cause and annihilate it. The cause of this pathetic guys behaviour is the cock and balls between his legs so its only right Sophie destroys them. The poor fuckers balls take a hell of a beating! Sophie seems to be enjoying it a bit to much, Im sure your not supposed to laugh at and mock the person in counselling. Oh well, sucks to be him I guess.
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