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Video Description: Andy discovers during his birthday party that his girlfriend is a slut she betrays him. He asks his friends to help him to punish her. So they make her drink a lot, before to leave Andy alone with her in their house. Andy takes advantage on her, drunk, and ties her with a rope to the bed, blindfolded and with a tape on her mouth. Then he leaves the apartment. When he comes back few hours later, he finds her awaked. So he faces her, asking for some explanations. She doesnt answer anything, cause is clear she is feeling guilty. Andy tells her he is going not to treat her like his girlfriend anymore, but as a slut. SLUT is even written on her body, with red lipstick.
Andy compels her ti suck his dick deepthroat. He merciless fucks her throat, stuffing his dick all the way down, pushing her face and nose on his tummy. She has gag reflex, with a huge amount of saliva. But he doesnt care about it: she is filthy like a whore, so thats what she deserves. He continues fucking brutally her moth and throat, without any pauses. He orders to her to lick his saliva filthy balls. She does all he wants, like an obedient sexual slave. Finally, with her face completely covered in saliva, Andy cums on her face. He punishes her with the filthiest face fuck and deepthroat action.
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Video Description: Nataly really sucks!!! She is a gorgeous tall and skinny model from Russia, a celebrity in modelling. She is also knew to be a pain in the ass for male photographer. In fact she is an aggressive lesbian, also a diva. That means lot of troubles for male photographer.
Andy is trying to convince her to shoot a photo set in a kitchen. He wants her to sign the release for to start working. Nataly, as usual, is questioning with him, about location, about his look (not so professional) and so on. What Nataly doesnt know, is that Andy isnt a real photographer, but a skilful mentalist. Nataly is complaining mechanically, like a robot cause he has already started to mesmerise her. At one moment, he imposes his hand on her brow and she becomes completely enslaved to his will. Now its time to have fun with the bitch !!!
Andy orders her to get on knees, then he pulls out his dick, ordering her to suck it. As long as she is willingness, Andy plays with her like a sexual dummy. He literally hummers his dick in her throat: harder and harder, his dick reaches her tonsils, making her drooling like a filthy whore. Nataly does a mess on the floor, tons of withe saliva, from her mouth, nose. She is tearing too for the harsh deepthroat action. Andy doesnt stop hammering his dick inside her mouth and throat. She doesnt oppose any resistance, so he could do the worst messy things he has got in mind. He uses her pitiless, with absolutely no regard !!! Andy breaks her dignity, using her more roughly then a cheap street hooker. Maybe now she has got what she deserves. Off course he cums on her face !!
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Video Description: Nataly is drunk, lying on bed at his boyfriends birthday party. He comes into the room and finds her limp on bed. He tries to wake up the girl, without a great success. Finally he could wake her up, but the girl seems to be confused. He is sure she not gonna remember anything on the next morning, so he takes the opportunity to take advantage of her. Nataly is a gorgeous but so cold Russian girlfriend. She always puts so meany limits in sex maybe she thinks she is the only beautiful girl on heart. So Andy is gonna take the opportunity to break down her dignity, making this Russian fair beauty, a filthy pig whore.
He stuffs his dick without any regard straight in her throat, fucking like a sex machine her mouth and tonsils. Nataly doesn't react anyway, so Andy goes rougher and rougher. Her makes her suck and lick his balls, completely covered in saliva. Then is the time for a reverse wild throat fuck. Now Natale gives her best: she produces a HUGE amount of white saliva, covering her face, that becomes a saliva mask. When she is reduced like a pig in the mud, Andy continues to sticks his dick in her mouth, till he cums on her face. Nataly now learns how a gorgeous fair could tumble soooo deeply down.
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Video Description: Nataly was taken in her apartment by a stranger; maybe her intruder neighbour entered the house by stealth. She tries to ask explanations, but the man slaps her and imposes her to get on knees and sucks his dick.
Nataly is used like a lifeless dummy for pleasure. Her mouth is fucked with strength, hammered deep inside her tonsils. The dickhead is visible inside her throat, hammering it without pauses. She pukes and vomits: she couldnt stop doing this. The man keeps fucking deep inside her filthy mouth, imposing her to lick his balls while she has got cock inside throat, then she musts say aaaaa, to get her mouth destroyed better. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST EXTREME VIDEO WITH NATALY. She covers all the floor in vomit. Finally the man cums on the floor, inside the vomit, then imposes Nataly TO LICK IT FROM THE FLOOR, WITH THE VOMIT MESS !!!
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Video Description: Nataly is a young, rich heiress. When her old husband died, she she had all his money in heredity. However, when she comes to the family fiduciary lawyer to analyse her economic situation, she isnt aware whats going to happen her.
The family lawyer knows Nataly hasnt got any friend in her husband family. All of them would be very happy not to see her anymore. So he takes the opportunity to make her vanish. He is talking with her at the sofa, when he attacks the girl and knocks her out slamming her head on the armrest.
Nataly wakes up in a filthy small room, on a grimy bed, probably in the middle of nowhere. The man is now free to express all his frustrated cravings on her hot body. He makes her sucks his dick, then he fuck her gorgeous asshole. He pushes dick inside with fury and strength. The woman has got a resigned pain expression on her face. She takes it up the ass moaning like a beast in heat. Finally he brutalised her throat, sprinkling his sperm load right in her tonsils !! - Nataly Gold - Nataly Gold Wants Hard Treatment And Double Anal IV173 [SD 848p] - Nataly Gold - Nataly Gold wants hard treatment & double anal IV173 [HD 720] | 1.96 GB - Kira Thorn,  Nataly Gold, Matt - Teenage Rimjob - Part 2 [FullHD 1080p] - Nataly Gold, Milena - Nataly Gold fisted by Milena NR276 [HD 720p] - Nataly Gold, Milena - Nataly Gold Fisted By Milena NR276 [HD 720p] - Nataly Gold - Brunette Russian beauty Nataly Gold is fucked by George Uhl in his cab [FullHD 1080p]

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