Ariana M - Edging Vibrations [FullHD, 1080p]
Ariana Marie - Edging Vibrations [FullHD, 1080p] - ARIEL - HANDJOB IN JOGGINGS [FullHD 1080] | 491 MB

Video Description: The slave is laying spread eagled on his back in front of his mistress. She is wearing her comfy black and pink joggings and a pair of pink rubber gloves, because never in a million years would she touch any of her slave with bare hands. She poured some oil on her gloves before and now she moves her hands on the slave's cock up and down, until he can't hold back. But then comes the surprise from Mistress, a long massage of his sensitive cock that makes the slave scream and laugh in pain.	 - Mistress T - NEW RUBBER SLAVE TESTED [HD 720] | 317 MB

Video Description: I have a new fuck slave applicant. Encased in latex, hooded & bound he is objectified to the point where only his dick matters. I put him through the paces, testing his orgasm control. I tell him how he might be used if he pleases me. Chained to my bed, just existing to please me, to be used as fuck meat. He has a fantastic cock with a nice piercing & produces an impressive cum shot when I want him to. Does he pass my test? - Ambra, Ezada - ONLY RUINED ORGASMS UNDER OUR NYLON CLAD FEET [FullHD 1080] | 230 MB

Video Description: My friend Goddess Ambra and I will teach Our pantyhose bitch how he deserves to cum. Both of Us are very fond of stockings and pantyhose, that shiny silken material, and will use Our shapely legs covered in nylons to tease the slave but deny him any real pleasure. Already encased in a nylon body bag and bound tightly by stockings, the slut is just spilling puddles of pre-cum out from his chastity. Goddess Ambra's nylon covered feet will smother his face and fuck his mouth while I stroke his swollen cock with My pantyhose clad feet. Edging Our slut, We will never allow him the pleasure of a real orgasm. It's only ruined orgasms for Our pantyhose bitch. - Fetish Liza - SPUNK ON MY BLUE JEANS [HD 720] | 291 MB

Video Description: Do you like my new jeans? Doesn't my ass look amazing in it? Would you like to feel it on your face? Would you like to ride your cock inbetween my denim thighs? Just like this guy? I bet you can wait to shoot your load all over my booty in jeans. That is just so hot! - Fetish Liza - LEATHER LEGGINGS REWARD [HD 720] | 243 MB

Video Description: How do you like my new leather leggings? Gorgeous, aren't they? I am sure you will enjoy the touch of them on your balls and cock. You have been a good leather slave so I will grant you a release. My gloved hands will get you extra hard and you will be allowed to drip your cum down the legs of my sexy leather pants - MISTRESS LINDA - FORCED TO CUM [FullHD 1080] | 501 MB

Video Description: Mistress Linda demands full attention, all her slaves know that they can't play games with her, they must act as she orders. Now her slave is laying on his belly next to where she is sitting in her sexy, black dress and he knows that Linda wants him to cum for her when she tells him to cum. He is a bit nervous, becaus Mistress Linda is very strict and humilating, but finally it's not so hard for him to reach his orgasm with the help of Linda's warm hands. - CLEO - FORCED ORGASM WITH CLEO [FullHD 1080] | 461 MB

Video Description: Mistress Cleo massages the cock of her slave with her oiled hands and he tries not to cum after a few minutes. He knows that he can't do anything without the permission of his mistress, so he tries to be very still, however he almost can't control his body. Mistress Cleo slowly makes him reach his peak and then she lets him have his orgasm, but after she plays with his sensitive cock to make him suffer. - MISTRESS BELLA - EROTIC JERKING [FullHD 1080] | 683 MB

Video Description: The slave looks down at Mistress Bella, who is sitting next to him on her chair, sank deeply into her throught. He thinks she can't see him staring, but she smirks and looks up at him, making his cock jerk and his pulse rush. Then she grabs a bottle of baby oil and pours it on his half erect cock. She smiles playfully and starts massaging him while demands to make eye contact with her. Then after an eternity of teasing, she lets him have his huge orgasm finally. - Queen M - A REAL MAN WOULD HAVE COME IN 5 SECONDS [FullHD 1080] | 1.05 GB

Video Description: Russian Queen M has had her property locked up for a year and he has been allowed only one release 3 months prior and today he may again get to cum. Even so it will only be a brief release before being locked up again because that will be his life for now and forever. She stimulates his balls while he remains in chastity with a vibrator and spends a lot of time degrading him about how small and useless his cock is and how he is nothing but cheap property for her to amuse herself with. She runs the vibrator over his balls and along his thighs and the slave is going crazy wanting to explode. He gets even more aroused when she slides a finger up his ass at the same time. I do the fucking in this household, not you she reminds him. The anal stimulation really gets the whore aroused and she mocks him for being a pathetic pig and slut. She makes him beg to be released from his chastity and she tells him that after taking all her beatings, drinking her piss and eating her ass, she is going to unlock him and allow him to spill his slave slime. Then you will not cum again for another year she tells him. She takes the cage off and his dick is leaking like no ones business. She strokes it and uses the vibe on it giving him even more pleasure until she starts to slap his cock. You dont deserve to feel nice she tells him. It seems the hitting on his cock gets him even more excited and she gives him an extra treat by spitting on his cock. Finally she decides to give him a countdown of 20 and she warns him if he doesnt come on exactly 20 hell be locked up for life with no more releases. M starts stroking and counting. How big will his load be? - IVY LEBELLE - YOUR FINAL ORGASM [FullHD 1080] | 1.07 GB

Video Description: Mistress Ivy graciously allows you one final orgasm before locking that pesky cock away in chastity forever.
Ivy Lebelle - Your Final Orgasm [FullHD, 1080p]
Alexandra Snow - Sex Therapist's Exam [FullHD, 1080p]
Leigh Raven, Lance Hart - Used and Abused, Leigh Raven Punishes Lance Hart [HD, 720p]
Brandi Love - Edging Restraints [FullHD, 1080p]
Leigh Raven, Lance Hart - Used and Abused, Leigh Raven Punishes Lance Hart [SD, 540p] - KIMBER WOODS - SUGAR BABE DOMINATES HER DADDY WITH EDGING [FullHD 1080] | | 1006 MB

Video Description: Kimber loves when daddy takes her shopping. But today daddy wasnt good. He was a bad daddy. Kimber wanted a bag, and even though she threw a tantrum in the mall, daddy still wouldnt get it for her. Now Princess Kimber is mad. But she held her anger in and waited until she was giving her sugar daddy a handjob before letting her rage fly. Kimber is cranky and mopey while she strokes daddys shaft. She just keeps harping on the handbag. Kimber decides that just like daddy ruined her shopping trip, shes going to ruin his orgasm. She is an especially vindictive sugar babe. Kimber reminds her sugar daddy that she doesnt really like him. She is a sugar babe, and the arrangement is that he buys her things. Without getting the things she wants from him, there is no arrangement. Kimber knows how to get exactly what she wants from her sugar daddy. She will spoil him, but only if he spoils her back more. Everybody knows that spending money is the only way an old man can get attention from a pretty girl. Kimber milks her sugar daddy until she gets two ruined orgasms out of him. Only good sugar daddies get full orgasms. Kimber is an expert at draining balls and bank accounts. She's a greedy, demanding, and manipulative sugar baby and the arrangement she's seeking is to ruin daddy's orgasms and finances! - BRANDI LOVE - EDGING RESTRAINTS [FullHD 1080] | | 1.34 GB

Video Description: Brandi Love's slave has given her 20 orgasms this week and with being a fair Mistress she keeps the ratio even by allowing him one. She takes her time playing and edging with her special toys as she doesn't just use them up and break them right away. She want's to watch him squirm, whimper and beg in frustration before allowing him the pleasure of his one and only chance to cum. - Mistress T - SUPERIOR BLACK COCK [HD 720] | | 344 MB

Video Description: This is the full scene you've been waiting for! (a few teasers were in "You Love Black Cock" released a few weeks ago). Get down on your knees...below that superior black cock & worship it. Open that slut mouth of yours & catch every damn drop of that superior cum.
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