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Genre: Girl Girl Xxx, GirlGirlXxx, Daisy Fuentes, Katerina Deville

Daisy Fuentes, Katerina Deville - Katerina Shows Boss Her Summer Toys [FullHD 1080P]  (GirlGirlXxx)

Genre: Dildo Sucking, Dirty Talking, Handcuff And Shackle Fetish, Prison, Prison Bitch, Virtual Sex, Sloansmoans

Video Description: SCENE 1: The Arrest - You come to visit me after I was arrested. I'm handcuffed and still wearing my regular clothes. I talk to you about my sentence and about how i did all of this for us. I'm so horny again thinking about how we fucked one last time the night before and I tell you that me being in prison can be sexy too. I want you to think about me in my prison uniform and jerk off to me every night knowing I will be masturbating in my cell thinking about you as well... please wait for me. SCENE 2 - The Booking - I walk in handcuffed behind my back. A female guard is processing me and mugshots are taken. The guard tells me you wont wait for me, but i know you and how loyal you are. I have internal monologue as I strip, get patted down, squat, cough, and display my holes before putting on my orange jumpsuit. A lot of time is spent posing. SCENE 3: The Conjugal Visit - I'm so excited to see you! I tell you how much I love and missed you. I tell you how sorry I am for being in prison, but all i want is to make you feel good RIGHT now. I blow you and then turn around beg for your cock in doggy style. Both acts with my hands cuffed behind my back. You love fucking your imprisoned wife, don't you? PRISON/INMATE/WIFE/ROLEPLAY/SLOW BURN/DILDO SUCKING/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX/STORYLINE/HANDCUFF FETISH/CUSTOM/SLOAN/SLOANSMOANS
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