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Video Description: SCENE OPENS on Mary Anne, as she opens the back door of her house and walks into the kitchen, carrying a load of groceries. Dressed in a pastel pink sweater, cross, and jeggings, the conservative-looking woman has gone through a lot to get to this position in life. Married twice, her last husband left her two things in the settlement: this house and his now 18-year-old daughter, Charlie, who has continued living with her step-mother for several years. Mary Anne has always considered Charlie to be like a real daughter and, in the wake of her divorce, she became very protective over her. Almost too protective. Why should she live somewhere else when Mary-Ann takes perfectly good care of her here? Certainly, a better environment than with her father! As she puts the groceries away, she hollers out to her daughter to come and help ... but there is no response. Finally, she stops what she's doing and goes to find her. She sees her daughter's sneakers and backpack by the front door but still gets no response, so she walks up the stairs to Charlie's bedroom. When Mary Anne opens the door, she is shocked to discover her daughter lying in bed topless and kissing another girl! Charlie barely has a chance to look up before Mary Anne slams the door in disgust. What the hell was that?! She composes herself for a moment before barging back into the room and yelling at Charlie, as her and her girlfriend struggle to put their shirts back on. Charlie begs for her mom to calm down, but Mary Anne is beside herself. Is her daughter a lesbian? Under her roof? That's an abomination! She didn't raise her to be like that. The step-mother starts flying off the handle at the other girl, telling her to get out and never come back. They vote conservative in this house! There are no gays allowed! Charlie is outraged by her mother's behavior and tells her girlfriend that she'll drive her home. Mary-Anne chases them down the stairs accusing her daughter of being brainwashed. Charlie tells her mom that it's 2018. Same-sex marriage is legal. She's an adult, she just turned 18. She can do what she wants. Charlie barges through the front door with her girlfriend and slams it in Mary Anne's face. - Aaliyah Love,  Kristen Scott - The Intervention [SD 960p] - Kristen Scott - Camgirl, Scene 5 [HD 1280p] - Joanna Angel, Kristen Scott - Dirty Grandpa Part 5 [SD 400] | 293 MB

Video Description: Dirty grandpa Steve waited for the right moment for stunning young lady Kristen Scott to walk by and sweep her off her feet, and eventually onto his bed, with his sexy old man charm. She went home with the older stranger, but when they got here, well- they found me trying to steal his departed wife's family heirloom dildos. I felt terrible! But he said since we were family, I was entitled to enjoy them. Remembering the cute girl in the room, we decided to masturbate and use them on each other in Bertha's honor- all in front of Steve! Genius move- he got to fuck us both, we all ate each others' pussies and asses, AND he taught me that sharing is caring. Today I learned... and came! - Kristen Scott - Stuffing The Student [HD, 720p] - Kristen Scott - Work me out! [SD, 544p]

 Kristen Scott - Work Me Out!  [HD 720p]
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