Rocky Emerson - She Smiles When The Pain Comes [HD, 720p]
Rocky Emerson - She Smiles When The Pain Comes [SD, 540p]
Jade Nile - Newbie Jade Nile Struts Her Slut Stuff [HD, 720p]
Jade Nile - Newbie Jade Nile Struts Her Slut Stuff [SD, 540p]
Victoria Voxxx - Seductive Slut Victoria Voxxx Needs It All [HD, 720p]
Victoria Voxxx - Seductive Slut Victoria Voxxx Needs It All [SD, 540p] - Victoria Voxxx - Seductive Slut Victoria Voxxx Needs It All [HD 720] | 1.61 GB - Riley Nixon - Good Girls Need to Suffer in Bondage Too! [HD 720] | 1.57 GB

Chloe Cherry - Newbie is Trapped in Evil Devices and Tormented [SD, 540p]
Chloe Cherry, The Pope - Newbie is Trapped in Evil Devices and Tormented [HD, 720p] - Chloe Cherry - Newbie is Trapped in Evil Devices and Tormented [HD 720] | 1.39 GB

Video Description: We finally have Chloe here on Device Bondage, and we couldn't be happier. She is tall, blonde, and sexy as hell. She is willing to suffer in bondage and be made to cum against her will, so why wouldn't we want to shoot her. She begins in a standing back bend position which exposes her body to the sadistic torment of The Pope. Her flesh is like his canvas and his masterpiece will be painted on her body with heavy impact and only the color of red will please him. Her pussy is assaulted and then vibed, assaulted, then vibed, and so on. It's an evil game he plays with her, but she didn't sign up for an easy day, and she will not get one. Next she is on her knees like every slut should be. Her nice round ass is up for easy access to the important parts...the holes. Once more corporal punishment is administered, she is fucked into mind blowing orgasms. She squirms and fights to free herself, but is helpless and has to suffer through the torment. In the final scene she is on her back and available for whatever The Pope wants to do to her. She abused more and once he has finished with her she is discarded like the rest of his victims. - Cadence Lux - The Destruction of Cadence Luxe [HD 720] | 1.79 GB

Video Description: Cadence reached out and said that she need some therapy, and that only The Pope could cure her. She needed it to be rough, but not like usual; a lot rougher than that. We experience this quite often, when the models need to get the devil out and this is the only way they know how to in a healthy way. The cathartic feeling that calms them only comes from a brutal session with The Pope. Cadence begins in a standing position with a burlap sack over her head. Her legs are spread and she is totally helpless. There is not going to be a warm up today because what is going to happen is so brutal that it's a waste of time to do so. Her flesh glows a bright red as it falls under an assault from the leather floggers and whips. She has a maniacal laugh that grounds her, but we know that she is terrified and this is the only response her body will allow in this moment. Next Cadence is in a doggy position with a large bowl in front of her. The Pope enters and fills it with water, then begins the brutality of tormenting her again. This time she is being dunked in between the beatings. She starting to break, but The Pope keeps her right on the edge. In the final scene we have her on a fucking machine and before he even touches her, we see Cadence staring to crack under the pressure. A massive zipper is applied to her flesh and then covered in hot wax. The machine is still sliding in and out of her pussy and the orgasm is powerful on it's own, but ripping the zipper off at the exact moment will ensure extreme suffering. There are lots of tears and even sobbing, but one ting is for sure. Cadence is leaving a lot stronger than she was when she arrived. - Kimber Woods - Big Booty Bitch Gets Beat Down [HD 720] | 1.70 GB

Video Description: Every once in a while a model comes along that catches The Pope's eye, one that stays on his radar. Kimber is one of those sluts, and within seconds of him entering the dungeon, it's obvious. She is put in a kneeling position with leather pulling her in different directions causing a predicament of sorts. The brutality is swift and powerful. The screams are genuine and ear piercing at the same time. Kimber is quickly broken down and The Pope gives a quick sadistic grin as he looks at his prey. She came to suffer, but this level of grueling punishment was more than she expected. Next she is in a seated position with her legs spread wide and her feet totally vulnerable to severe bastinado. Her nipples are clamped and tied to her toes so that every time she moves she suffers. Kimber is blindfolded and then made to cum uncontrollably before switching positions for her final scene. Lastly she is face down spread eagle with her ass lifted for prime anal domination. The Pope issues a sadistic flogging before deciding to fuck her magnificent ass. She screams and begs until she can't any more. - Demi Lopez - Busty Latina Slut Is Tormented in Grueling Bondage [HD 720] | 2.07 GB

Video Description: Demi is brand spanking new to BDSM/bondage. She has always been curious, but never brave enough to try it until now. We get the privilege of seeing The Pope walk this slut through the the day as she gets her first taste of what real bondage and domination really is. The shoot starts and you can see the apprehension in her eyes as she realizes that she may be in over her head. It's too late now, because she is in it; she has signed off on it and like a roller coaster you can't get off once it starts. Her emotions run high as The Pope begins exploring her body and invading her holes. He dwarfs her petite body as he moves through the dungeon preparing to torment her flesh and mind. She is restrained and subjected to flogging, caning, spanking, bastinado, pussy fingering, and tons of unwanted orgasms. The day is winding down and Demi is showing signs of fatigue and exhaustion. She made it thought the day, but you'll have to watch to see what she thought of her first experience. / - Amarna Miller - Used and Left Behind [HD, 720p] / - Karlee Grey - Big Tit Squirter Screams in Metal Bondage [HD, 720p] / - Missy Minks - Helpless Whore Begs For More [HD, 720p] / - Gina Valentina - 19 Year Old Brazilian in Devastating Bondage [HD, 720p] - Gina Valentina - 19 Year Old Brazilian in Devastating Bondage [HD 720p] - Roxanne Rae, The Pope - She Said She Would Not Cry This Time [SD, 540p]

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