Video Description: This clips shows how little Cameron cares about the comfort of her slaves. The cuck is forced to lick Cameron's ass with his arms behind his back. This is very difficult for the cuck. It is very painful for the cucks neck. Cameron ignores his agony and accuses him of being selfish. There is an extra scene where it shows the cuck finger fucking and licking Cameron to yet another orgasm. The cuck is very rarely getting out of chastity to cum while Cameron cums many times a day. The cuck needs to think of making his Mistress happy and to stop thinking about himself. - Giselle - HOW TO PLEASURE A MISTRESS [FullHD 1080] | 1.23 GB

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Video Description: ...even those free 15 minutes before going out with my girlfriends, I want to use in the best possible way...and after I return home, my slave knows that his first obligation is to clean my boots and massage, smell and lick my tired and sweaty feet! - RAVEN HART - ASS WORSHIP ON THE PENTHOUSE BALCONY [FullHD 1080] | 498 MB

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