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Slutty Asian Girl escapades are what we specialize in here, in case you havent noticed. Theres a whole wide world of porn out there and most of it is the same old crap, with the same old porn stars, over and over again. What we do here on Trike Patrol is a bit different. That is precisely why were managed to stay motorin along for 12 years running. Nowhere else will you see as many real-life, amateur Filipina girls getting fucked than right here on this very website. If thats not your thing, its ok. We understand. But we know who we are, and that is important in life. We are fanatical fuckers of Filipina pussy. Period. If you like that sort of thing, youre in the one and only temple for it. Welcome and enjoy.

Porn John is back in action this week. Riding through the noisy Manila streets on a new adventure. What does he find? Why, the perfect Slutty Asian Girl walking down a sidewalk and waiting to be taken for a ride. A decent looking body from first glance, with perhaps a less than perfect looking face. Hey, its early afternoon in Manila. If you want a quick, easy fuck, you take the first thing that jumps in your trike. Elsewise, you could waste the whole day away waiting for the real stunners. Those typically come out late at night after sleeping last nights booze and cock binge away. Its a vicious cycle, you see. They usually dont remain stunners for long after a year or two of it.


Take Jane here, for example. She probably was quite the number a few short years ago. The life of a Slutty Asian Girl in Manila is rough. Shes about 24 going on 50. Nevertheless, John wasnt going to hold it against her. He would hold his cock against her though! Adorned in sexy thigh-high black stockings, Jane poses on the bed for Johns rolling camera. By poses, I mean spreads her hairy snatch wide as possible. We also get to see what she ate for breakfast. Nice cozy looking fuck hole on this one. My mouth was cozy also. Evident by Johns blissful moans with each of Janes head bobs.

This Slutty Asian Girl reared up her ass in the air invitingly for John to start smashing her from behind. She took a good pummeling before climbing ontop herself and grinding her Hairy Filipina Pussy down on his shaft. Then, John took over and gave her the upward-thrusting okie-doke fast and hard. Jane seemed to enjoy every last inch of that action. The same cannot be said for the ending however. Perhaps theres only so many loads one can take to the face before it reaches critical mass. Slutty Asian Girl or no, Jane seemed to have regrets about the hot streams of strangergasm running down her cumface at that moment. No matter, whats done is done. A good, if not somewhat workwoman-like, output from an obviously well-seasoned Manila 20-something.
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